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Bemidji 6 month photos

Pictures of cute kiddos was the business of the day.  My agenda with this family was 6 month photos of their newest little addition, and then pictures of all three kids together.  This mom has style!  Not only did she find adorable things on etsy, but she knew how to coordinate all of them together.  You’re going to love the outfits and accessories she used.  I should’ve taken pictures of her interior decorating skills as well.  She’s just bubbling with talent.

Litte Benjamin

This was a fun session.  Benjamin had turned one and his mom decided to contacted me to take photos.  I’m never sure if the child will be able to walk or not at this age, but Benjamin was a little older.  He was definitely able to walk.  When I was going through all the photos I realized he was moving in about 80% of them.  Little boys have SO much energy and curiousity!  It’s fun to capture them in ways that reveal their personality.