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Bemidji Newborn Photographer – Baby Oliver

Loved the lil bundle of sunshine I got to photograph during this rainy day!  It was so fun to try out some new ideas in this gorgeous home.  Every corner seemed to be the perfect spot to photograph this beautiful newborn.

Note that the photos taken in the bookshelf are composites.  Oliver’s mom safely held him the entire time.  🙂

newborn bookcase newborn in blue hatfun newborn propboy with dog

Nadja – Bemidji Newborn Photos

I love this family!  I’ve had the privilege to photograph both of their daughters several times already, so I was ecstatic when Nicole announced they had a new addition on the way!  We put together a special “Baby’s First Year Collection” just for their new little girl on the way.

When baby Nadja arrived I had so much fun taking her photos.  She is a little pricess.  Her mom wanted to incorporate the “Princess and the Pea” theme which is one of my favorite ideas yet!  Nadja was the perfect little model!  I feel so blessed to be involved in a little part of her life.  I get to document her major milestones (birth, holding head up, sitting up, and walking).  I also get to look forward to the ones awaiting her.

Little Elias

Elias is such a sweet boy!  He was only 5 days old when we took his pictures.  When I arrived at the location it took me three trips to get all my gear in.  When I finally had all my stuff set up we started taking the photos.  He was such a honey!  He slept through most of the first poses.  It wasn’t until the end that we started getting little scowls from him.  I guess I would scowl if people kept moving me around when I was asleep!  BUT, it is definitely worth all the work.  We ended up with some really sweet and treasured photos.  A newborn changes so much after the first couple weeks.  It is so special to capture those little details of what they look like fresh out of the womb.