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Surprises and Pictures

Andrea contacted me from Boise, Idaho.  It was pretty cool, because I grew up in Idaho.  I always freak out when I meet people from Idaho, or when I see an Idaho license plate.  For some reason I feel like that automatically makes someone family or a best friend.  🙂  So, I was pretty stoked when Andrea e-mailed me.  They were planning a surprise birthday party for her mom.  All the families were getting together, and they wanted some family pictures.  So, here is what we came up with!

Makenna, Madysen and Maya

What a great session!  Photographing children can be so fun when they’re allowed to play and be themselves!  These girls are 4, 7 and 8.  They made me wish that I had a sister growing up.  You can tell they’re used to getting their photos taken by mom.  They were hamming it up for my camera…which I love!  Their coordinating outfits were adorable too.  The colors were perfect.