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Graduation Announcements – Birth Announcements – Christmas Cards

I LOVE to get pictures and announcements in the mail from friends and family.  Many times they send them to share a life changing event or to wish us a Merry Christmas. Either way, I love them.  So much, in fact, that I have kept every single announcement and Christmas card I have ever received!  That’s right!  I have a lot of them!

Because I value the importance of announcements and cards, I have decided to offer them to all my customers.  Each card is custom designed with much thought and attention by me personally.  You pick the photos, and I put together a design to compliment them.  This service is offered exclusively to my clients.  It is such a fun way for them to share their special photos and memories with friends and family.

Below are some of the designs I have put together.  These are printed on a high quality 5″ x 7″ card stock   They are great for graduation announcements, birth announcements and Christmas Cards.  They are the high end option for someone looking to send the “wow” factor.



These next examples are 4′” x 8″ announcements.  These designs are only one sided and printed on photographic paper.



Outdoor Newborn Photos

I can’t even tell you how excited I was about this shoot!  What do you get when you put together beautiful family with a beautiful new baby girl, a vintage doll stroller, and a warm sunny day?  A PERFECT COMBINATION!  This shoot could not have gone better!  The little newborn’s name is Ivy, which made sense because she was right at home amidst the trees and flowers.  She slept so well as we rocked out the shoot.  I loved some of these images so much that I even entered the first photo shown into our county fair and won 1st place!  Huge thank you to this awesome family for letting me photograph you!  It was so much fun!

Newborn session for twins!

I am so excited to announce that I have successfully had my first twin newborn session!  I’m stoked!  The little guys slept great, they posed beautifully and they didn’t poop on anything!  It was one of my shortest newborn sessions too.  I was expecting it to be so much harder considering there were two babies, but it went great.  Praise the Lord!

For those of you not familiar with newborn photos, they can be some of the most difficult when you are post processing.  Their skin tones are usually really red or really yellow, and they usually have flaky skin.  These twins were identical, and one was actually quite a bit more yellow than the other.  I’m still learning how to do all of this, but I think I got them to match in most of the photos.  They were so sweet!  I had a hard time telling them apart, but mom knew! 

Sometimes I wish I could just sit and hold them for the entire session, but I know I’m there to get photos.  I shouldn’t complain.  I usually have little brief moments of baby cuddling in between poses.  🙂  Hope you enjoy the photos of these beautiful boys!  OHHHHHH!!!  I just want to kiss those little cheeks!!!

Julia and Mike

I was so excited when Julia contacted me to talk about setting up a maternity session.  We ended up scheduling it for when she was 9 months along.  Usually we try to schedule them at 7-8 months so the mommy isn’t as uncomfortable, but we weren’t able to fit it in before then.

The day of the session, she turned up with her husband Mike.  I was actually in orchestra with Mike in high school.  It had been 10 years since I’d seen him.  They were such a lovely and sweet couple.  Julia has to be one of the prettiest preggos ever!  I was amazed she was 9 months along.  She was moving and looking like she was only 7 months!  The session went great, and I love how the photos turned out!  Congrats, Mike and Julia, on this exciting time in your life!