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Archer turns 1!

This little man is too cute for words!  These pictures were taken in honor of his first birthday.  First birthdays always seem like a huge deal, especially when you are the first child.  It is such a special age when so much is changing.  This little man was dressed up so cute in a tie and red shirt.  We were even able to fit some family pictures in with his parents.  He did a great job. 


The best way to photograph children is in their own environment.  I love when kids are able to be themselves and have fun.  Here is a shoot I did for little Tommy.  I absolutely adore this boy.  When I showed up for the shoot, he was acting so shy.  He kept running away from me and hiding.  I just hung out a while so he could get used to me.  Finally he warmed up to me, and I was able to sneak a few shots of him smiling.  What a honey!