How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

baby in lamb outfit

If you are interested in booking a newborn session, I should start out by congratulating you!  This is such an exciting and life changing event!  Let’s capture this short window of time when your baby still has that cute, snuggly, newborn look.  It is such a priceless investment!

Q: When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?

A: Right now!  If you are on my calendar first, you will have priority for your session!  A newborn should be photographed at age 4-10 days.  That way you can capture that adorable, sleepy newborn look, and they are more flexible for those fun poses!


Q: Where are the sessions located?

A: Right in the comfort and privacy of your home!  Just make sure you have a big window or glass sliding door that lets in a lot of natural light.  I will bring my gear and props right to you.  We will also look through your home for anything fun to incorporate into the photos to make it more personal.  If you’re having your baby in the summer when it is warm, definitely consider doing some outdoor photos!  They are my favorite!

newborn in vintage stroller

Q: How do I prepare my home?

A: I will need to find a spot in your home that lets in a lot of natural light in.  We can take a look around together when I arrive to determine the best place.  Occasionally we may need to move furniture or other items around to make room.  Make sure you clear any rooms of clutter that you want to highlight in the photos (nursery/your bedroom/living room/etc).  Also be thinking of what props you may want to include in the photos.  Examples are: blanket from grandma, daddy’s uniform if he’s in the military, booties made by friend, or even a guitar played by mommy.  I may also want to walk through your house to find props or other locations to use.  If you have any fun hats, flower headbands, or diaper covers, make sure to set those out too.  If you don’t have any and would like to, I highly recommend checking out Etsy.

One of the most important things to remember is to turn the temp up in your house to about 80 degrees.  Even though we may be hot and uncomfortable, baby LOVES it!  It’s a great way to put them to sleep.  I will also bring a portable space heater.

newborn on electric guitar

Q: How do I prepare my newborn?

A: Make sure to feed baby right before the session.  Have your little one loosely in a diaper swaddled in a blanket.  Make sure not to eat any spicy or irritating foods the day of the shoot if you are nursing.  Also have a pacifier available if baby will take one.

baby in blue hat

Q: As the parent, what am I responsible for doing during the session?

A: I will be doing most of the work.  You did all the hard work to get your baby here!  On occasion I will need help propping your baby, but that is definitely a good job for daddy or grandma!  Sometimes getting one pose can take up to 20 minutes or more.  The most important thing for you to do during the shoot is to remain calm and be ready to soothe your little one.  Baby can tell if mommy is stressed or nervous, so just relax and enjoy the session.  We have plenty of time.  Babies cry and fuss.  That is normal.  We can rock, feed, and soothe baby as long as needed.  That’s why I include so much extra time during newborn sessions.

Q: Should we include ourselves in some of the photos?

A: Yes!  I know women don’t usually feel their most beautiful after just giving birth, but these photos are so special to have!  I can work wonders with dark circles under your eyes from your sleepless nights.  I can pose you in a way that will be flattering.  If you do want family photos here are some suggestions for you.  Pick out simple clothes.  Make sure your hands look nice and manicured.  I will be happy to take photos of baby with siblings as well, depending on their age and cooperation.

Q: How do I go about seeing the proofs and ordering?

A: Your photos will be available within two weeks after the session.  I will e-mail you instructions on how to view them on your Online Web Gallery.  It is a password protected site that will expire after 7 days.  Feel free to share the login information with family and friends that want to see or order prints.

newborn twin pose photo

Q: What are the best ways to display my images?

A: Here are my three favorite products for newborn sessions!

Gallery Wrap: Exquisite and fun way to show off your image!  Your image is printed on high quality canvas and wrapped around a 1.25″ wooden frame.  The back is then finished and completed with a hanger!  No need for a frame!

Baby Card Announcements:  Want to impress your family and friends!  I will custom design a special 5×7 double sided announcement just for you!  This is such a fun way to share the exciting news!  Cards are printed on beautiful cardstock and include envelopes.

newborn card design example photo

Disk of Images:  This is a wonderful addition to your session.  It is a great option if you can’t narrow down your favorites.  Just take them all!

dvd case design photo


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