Las Vegas Nelson Nevada Ghost Town Shoot – Destination Photographer

From my previous blog post, most of you are aware that I recently traveled to Las Vegas for the WPPI Photography Convention.  It was amazing!  The classes I took, the friendships I made, and the vendors I saw made the experience unforgettable!  One of the most exciting events of the week was going on something they call a “shoot-out” put on by Emma and Josh from Couture Clicks.  The theme was “Runaway Circus” and took place at the Nelson Nevada Ghost Town at El Dorado Canyon which is located about an hour outside of Las Vegas. It was a great chance to meet amazing and friendly photographers and to work side-by-side with them.  I’m so thankful for opportunity. The images below are just a few of the ones I was able to capture of one of the models.  Isn’t she gorgeous?!  I wonder if anyone would be able to guess how old she is.

girl in red vegas ghost town carnival photo (6)girl in red vegas ghost town carnival photo (2)girl in red vegas ghost town carnival photo (5)girl in red vegas ghost town carnival photo (3)girl in red vegas ghost town carnival photo (4)girl in red vegas ghost town carnival photo (1)


Thank you to the following people for making this event possible!

Win a Free $300 Shoot!


Here’s your chance to win a FREE $300 photo shoot from Purrington Photography! It will include an hour long shoot and $100 in free prints! You can use this for a maternity session, newborn session, engagement session, family or child session, senior session, or even just a fun portrait session for yourself!

To enter: Send an e-mail to that includes a photo or yourself (so people know who they’re voting for) and 3-5 sentences of why you want Purrington Photography to take your photos. Deadline to enter is Sunday, March 17, 2013.

To win: Your submitted photo and sentences will be posted online to be voted on from Monday, March 18, 2013 through Monday, March 25, 2013. The submission with the most votes by midnight on Monday, March 25, 2013 wins! Yay!

*Session cannot be redeemed for cash.
*Session must be booked and completed by May 31, 2013.
*Session location must be within 20 miles of Bemidji, MN.

Good luck, everyone! Can’t wait to see who wins!

See some of our past winners below!




Teen Model Rep Card

This is my first model shoot ever with the purpose of a rep card. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a 5×7 card that models use like a business card. They have them printed with their pictures, name and stats. The lovely model in the photos below is Abby. We wanted to achieve a few different looks in her session so her card would be more versatile.

I will never forget when she showed up to have her hair and makeup done. I thought she was already wearing a ton of makeup, but she actually didn’t even have any on. She was that amazingly beautiful without it! Her eyelashes were dark and long, her skin was smooth and perfect, and her hair was thick and flawless. I didn’t even know what to do with her!

The shoot was so much fun. Her mom and aunt came along and added even more to the energy! Abby is such a beautiful girl on the inside and out. It was so fun meeting her and spending the evening together playing dress-up.

teen model photo (1)

teen model photo (2)

teen model photo (3)

teen model photo (4)

teen model photo (5)

teen model photo (6)

teen model photo (7)

teen model photo (8)

Get dolled up for your photoshoot!

Who is the first person you look for in a photograph?  C’mon.  Be honest.  You know it’s yourself.  How do I know?  Because I’m the same way!  We all are!

When I look at photos of myself I rate them on a scale of FRAME IT to DESTROY IT FAST SO IT CAN’T BE USED AS BLACKMAIL!  Photos are permanent documents reflecting who we are.  We all want to look our best in them.

I am a firm believer that everyone I photograph is beautiful.  My goal as a photographer is to capture that.  I want to show your beauty.  I want to show the world what I see in you.

Why am I talking about this?  Because it’s all leading up to a fun new announcement I have.  I am now offering the option of having your hair and makeup done for your session.  Not only does having your hair and makeup done help accent your beauty, but it’s also really fun.  I love seeing women being pampered and feeling beautiful.  Their photos show more confidence and less nervousness.  It also adds a little “wowzers”.

So, with that, meet Kaalene.  She is my amazing hair and makeup girl!  She is also a lot of fun to have around and will probably be the one dolling you up if you choose to get this fun add-on to your portrait session.  Look below to see her in action and some of her results!

NOW!  For the SUPER fun part!  Kaalene also does really fun hair and makeup for those extra fun shoots!  (I think I used the word fun too much in those sentences, but it really is all about fun!)  Check out how she transformed Ashley!  We got amazing photos from this shoot that are so unique and gorgeous!

One of the most amazing things about this great option is the price.  To have a professional come on location to do your hair and makeup is only $75!  Check out the details below.

1 Hair and Makeup Makeover – $75

2 Hair and Makeup Makeovers – $60 per person

3+ Hair and Makeup Makeovers – $50 per person

A la carte Hair – $50

A la carte Makeup – $30

Between you, me and Kaalene we are going to have such amazing photos.  I bet they’ll even have a “FRAME IT” rating if you’re using my scale!

Mother and Daughter Makeovers in Bemidji

What happens when you get three moms together with their daughters and a photographer and a hair/makeup artist?  An absolute PARTY!  We had such a blast!  I love capturing the bond between a mom and her little girl or girls!

Up first is the lovely Darcy and Arianna!

Up next is Suzy and  her daughters Tia and Tyra!  It’s hard to tell which one is the mom!

And last but not least, Kaalene and Charli!

Bemidji Fashion Shoot

Reflectors are cool.  I bought one months ago but never got around to using it.  So, if reflectors=cool…me not using my reflector=not cool.  Follow?

I decided that I just needed to find time and a model so I could practice and get comfortable with it.  A few days after making this decision I had someone cancel a photo session with me.  I would have been sad, but I was kind of excited.  This meant that I had  an entire evening to play with my new reflector and to try out some new techniques.  All I had to do now was to find a model.  Lucky for me I have some of the most beautiful friends in the world!  And I even got one of them to model for me!  Thank you, Samantha, for your patience with me!  You were stunning, and I had so much fun.  Also thanks to my mom.  She did an amazing job holding my new reflector.  🙂

I really love the fill light in these photos.  I think this may be a style I start incorporating into more of my shoots.  Have a happy Wednesday everyone!