Newborn Model Needed!


BEMIDJI PHOTOGRAPHERS UNITE!  That’s right!  This will be our 2nd annual get together.  It is so fun to meet up with other talented artists and discuss our passions, our joys, our frustrations, and our lives!

Someone just asked me today if it’s hard having competition.  My response?

Absolutely not!

I’m glad that there are other photographers around.  We all have something different to offer as artists.  Clients can shop around for the personality, style and pricing that will fit what they’re looking for!  I will even refer potential customers on if I think there is a better fit out there for them.  Pictures are so important, and I want to make sure that my clients receive the product and experience that they are looking for.


So, here’s the fun news!  For our 2014 get together we decided to do a “shoot-out”.  A shoot out is an event where a bunch of photographers put together something to photograph to learn from each other and to hang out.  The theme for our shoot out is newborns.  We are going to set up a fun day of photographing newborns and eating yummy snacks.  So, here’s why I’m writing all of this.  I’m looking for one more newborn model.  We need a baby that will be about 3-8 days old.  This will be a free session for just the baby (no siblings).  You will also get some of your digital images from each photographer.  Cool, huh?!


So, are any of you expecting around February 10, 2014?  Do you know anyone expecting around that time?  I would love to connect!  Contact me at

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Newborn Model Needed!

  1. I’m due around the 7th of March but my baby will more than likely come earlier than that. If you can wait a little longer I would love for you to use my son as a newborn model. But if you can’t wait, I understand 🙂

  2. Hello! I was referred to you by Sarah Nupdal (Barry) for this ad. We are (hopefully) having our little baby girl today and would love to volunteer for this. Please let me know,

    Cell: 7632326418 (calls ok, texts preferred for the next few days as we will be in the hospital)

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