My Art Projects – Bemidji Photographer

I love doing hair and makeup, but I normally hire it out to my amazing hair and makeup artist Kaalene for photo shoots.  That way I can focus my efforts on the photography.  But on the rare occasion that she’s unavailable,  I get to do both.  All the images below are from projects I have done the hair and makeup for.  I even sewed and designed some of the outfits.

This first image below was from a photo shoot I did for a beautiful young lady that was going into modeling.  She needed images for her portfolio and a rep card.  Modeling agencies prefer very simple makeup for rep cards so they can really see what the model looks like.  So for this shoot we kept it a little more subtle.  Isn’t she gorgeous?

crimped hair model rep card gray scarf

Here’s a fun one of my beautiful friend Emily!


The next image came from a photo shoot I had been wanting to do for years!  Originally I wanted to do the shoot with a white horse and have my model in a white dress.  Since we were not able to find a white horse we changed the look to what you see below.  I love how they turned out!


The next image was inspired by one of my favorite photographers, Sue Bryce.  I love how she incorporates flowers and fabrics into her photos.  I wanted to try it out with my own twist and style.  My beautiful friend Carmita was sweet enough to model with her cute pregnant belly for me.  I kept her hair and makeup more subtle to keep it earthy.


Since winter is my “slow” season, I actually end up trying to do a lot of personal projects then.  The one below was taken on a VERY cold day.  We would go out for 5-10 minutes and then head back in to try to warm up.  My model did such a wonderful job!  KD Floral and Gardens even let us use this beautiful ornament from her shop!


The next three images were inspired by all the flowering trees this spring in Bemidji.  I was itching to get out and take photos with them.  Raechel from KD Floral was sweet enough to donate beautiful floral arrangements to my project.  That girl is so creative and talented!  I even convinced her to model for the first image below.  Quite a beauty!



Isn’t the head piece below amazing?!  Another creation from Raechel.  I went for a fun and dramatic look with the hair and makeup for this one.  My model had the thickest hair!  It was so fun to play with!


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