Customized USB Drives for Professional Photographers

I have exciting news!!!  Digital images will no longer be delivered on DVDs but will now be delivered on AWESOME USB drives!  I did a lot of shopping around until I found just the right ones.  That’s right!  Ones!  I ended up designing and ordering two different ones.  One is a happy and cute design for my Portrait Session Clients, and the other is a classy and beautiful design for Wedding Clients.

This first USB drive comes from USB Memory Direct  I designed this one for Portrait Session Clients.  I still sell mostly prints and products, but I also have many customers that choose to purchase the digital files as well.  This is what they will now receive them on.  Cute, huh!  I love how I was able to incorporate my black, white and pink colors and logo into the design.  This fun little drive comes in a fun little tin container.

_0538601 _0538602 _0538600

Any digital images I sell come with a Print Release.  This allows customers to print their own pictures.  Deciding to sell digital images was a difficult decision, especially with not knowing where my customers would have them printed.  Believe it or not, most labs have the amazing ability to make a professional image look horrible just by adjusting the color and increasing the contrast.  I know this because I have tested dozens of labs.  But that is a subject for a completely different post!  Let me just suggest Mpix for one of the best consumer labs for getting prints at.  Very affordable and great quality!  They also deliver them right to your door!  What more could you ask for?  But back to the topic of this post.  🙂  Do you like the branded letterhead?

_0538591This next USB drive comes from Photo Flash Drive  I use this drive to deliver wedding images to my brides.  I first saw this beautiful design at WPPI in Vegas this last spring.  I fell in love.  I had to wait for it since it was a new release, but I’m so glad I waited!  It is so classy!  The drive is made out of crystal and comes with a shiny chrome cap.  I was even able to have my logo etched into the crystal.  To step it up even more I decided to purchase black luxe boxes with my etched in logo to present them in.

_0538611 _0538614My mom always believed that receiving a gift that was beautifully wrapped made the gift even more special.  Every Christmas we would spend extra time and love wrapping gifts with beautiful paper, ribbon, flowers and bows.  My mom has definitely been the one to teach me about presentation.   Any of you that know her know what I’m talking about.  She is amazing.  With that in mind, I decided that when I send the digital files to my customers I want them to feel even more special about their images that I worked so hard on.  I want them to be reminded of the gift of memories that they are receiving.  So here’s how I decided to wrap them.  I found black and white tissue paper and pretty pink ribbon.  I then topped the ribbon off with another Purrington Photography label to tie it all together.

_0538628If that wasn’t enough, I also ordered special envelopes for shipping that match!  These fun and bright envelopes are topped with another branded shipping label.  I found these envelopes on Etsy but you are able to find them many other places.  The labels and letterhead were printed by Vista Print  Their customer service and timing was great!  I also have printing done at Amity Graphics .  They are an awesome local printer right here in Bemidji, Minnesota.  I would highly recommend checking them out first if you  can.  Their quality, pricing and customer service is unbeatable!


Take all of these fun and beautiful details, throw in a fun handwritten Thank You card, and this is what you get!  A fun little bundle from Purrington Photography!  Would you be excited to get this in the mail?  I think it definitely beats a CD that has your name markered on it in a brown envelope.  🙂_0538590 _0538624


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