Destination Wedding Photographer – Riu Montego Bay Jamaica

I actually met Jeff and Jessa during an engagement shoot.  They were such a blast and absolutely gorgeous in front of my camera!  I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out that I was going to be able to photograph their wedding in Jamaica too!

Beautiful couple + Beautiful location = Really Happy Photographer

Their wedding took place on the beach of the tropical Riu Montego Bay.  Most of Jessa and Jeff’s family were there.  I couldn’t have picked better people to hang out with!  They were so fun and welcoming…I felt just like I was one of them!  We had such a blast, and I was ecstatic about the photos I was able to get.  I LOVE DESTINATION WEDDINGS!

Thank you, Jessa and Jeff, for letting me part of such a beautiful experience and memory!  Congratulations!!!

Below is the design Jessa and I put together for their wedding album.  It also includes some of their Bemidji reception photos.  They had their reception at the Hungry Bear Banquet and Conference Center and were entertained by the amazing Ntertainement djing service.

Jessa-Album-Draft-2 Jessa-Album-Draft-22 Jessa-Album-Draft-23 Jessa-Album-Draft-24 Jessa-Album-Draft-25 Jessa-Album-Draft-26 Jessa-Album-Draft-27 Jessa-Album-Draft-28 Jessa-Album-Draft-29 Jessa-Album-Draft-210 Jessa-Album-Draft-211 Jessa-Album-Draft-212 Jessa-Album-Draft-213 Jessa-Album-Draft-214 Jessa-Album-Draft-215 Jessa-Album-Draft-216 Jessa-Album-Draft-217 Jessa-Album-Draft-218 Jessa-Album-Draft-219 Jessa-Album-Draft-220 Jessa-Album-Draft-221 Jessa-Album-Draft-222 Jessa-Album-Draft-223 Jessa-Album-Draft-224 Jessa-Album-Draft-225


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