Walker Engagement Photos – Nikki and Trevor

I met with Nikki and Trevor in April for a wedding consultation at Nikki’s parent’s house in Walker.  I got to meet her lovely mother and her talented father who is actually the mayor of Walker!  How cool is that!  It was such a fun and laid back family.  Just the kind you want to book!  I even got to listen to her dad’s barber shop quartet practice and show off their amazing skills.  So cool!

Nikki and Trevor weren’t sure they wanted engagement photos, but I insisted.  They come free with my Wedding Collections.  It gives me a chance to get to know my couple and to have fun with them.  I get a feel for their personalities and how they photograph.  It’s kind of a win-win situation.  It also helps break the ice.  I show up to their wedding as a friend instead of just a vendor following them around with a camera.  I love engagement shoots.  Two people in love is one of my favorite subjects to photograph!

Nikki’s aunt owns Moondance, so we made sure to get some photos of the happy couple sporting their pride in their Moondance Jame shirts.  Those photos ended up being some of my favorites from the session.  I love when couples incorporate something unique and personal to them.


2 thoughts on “Walker Engagement Photos – Nikki and Trevor

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