Tractor Birthday Party

Michael turned 3!  We decided to celebrate the big day with tractors and cake.  This is the first theme birthday party I’ve ever done, so I wasn’t quite sure how it would come out.  Since the main theme was a John Deere tractor, I decided to do everything in green and yellow.

Lemonade seemed to be the perfect beverage to serve since it’s yellow.  I pulled wild grass from outside and stuffed it underneath the drink dispenser.  I then decorated the table with the leftover lemons.

The cake was really fun.  I made two round cakes.  I decorated the bottom cake in brown frosting with Michael’s name on it, and the top with green frosting and a yellow fence.  I used yellow sugar sheets for the details.  I then stuck a toy tractor on top to tie it in a little more.  The tractor was a fun addition for Michael.  Since I ran out of cake batter, I ended up making brownies for one of the layers on the cake.  It was quite a yummy surprise.

I also decorated the table with Michael’s 3 year photos.  We took them recently, so I decided to frame my favorites and send one home with each of the grandparents as a “party favor”.

Another fun addition was Dirt in a Cup.  Chocolate pudding, oreos and gummy worms in a cup.  It fit the theme so well, and I knew Michael would love it.  Anything with dirt and candy can steal a little boy’s heart.

One of my favorite decorations of the day was Michael’s tractor painting.  That morning while we were getting ready for the party, I decided I wanted to get a handprint and footprint of Michael.  I wanted to remember how big his hands and feet were when he turned three.  What would be more fun than incorporating it into a fun tractor painting!  We had a blast making it!

It was just such a fun day!  Celebrating our little Michael with family around was the best part of it all!

Michael helped me paint this with his handprint and footprint. It now hangs proudly matted and framed on my wall.  🙂

Hard to decide which one to have a piece of! Might as well have one of each!

Blessed with the best family ever!Grammy and Papa Purrington gave Michael one of the coolest bikes ever!

It’s rare to catch a grumpy face on my little guy, that’s why I had to post this one.  He makes me laugh!Time for some sprinkler fun!  We need to wear these boys down after all that sugar!

2 thoughts on “Tractor Birthday Party

  1. Kristen my friend, you are extremely creative. Love the bday party theme ideas- my favorite was the hand and footprint picture:-)

  2. I love this idea for a party! I have to agree with what Lyndsi said before me, the hand print tree and foot print tractor are my favorite decorations too 🙂 Such a cute keepsake you made too – beautiful! Oh…how long did he have to brush to get all that green off his teeth? 🙂

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