Then and Now

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of the day I bought my first professional camera.  I decided to take the opportunity today to reminisce on these last few years.  When I first started, there were two main goals I set for myself:

1.  Learn how to take better quality photos

2.  Showcase more creativity in my images

Today I decided to figure out if I have been accomplishing these goals.  I thought the best way would be to compare some of my earliest work with some of my more recent work.  As I looked through my old images next to my new ones I could see a difference.  I feel like the quality and creativity in my photos has improved.  I don’t mean to say I’m where I want to be yet, but I’m glad to see I’m on the way.  It will be fun to see where I am in another 4 years.  Below are a few images that are examples of my past work compared to now in case you wanted to make your own observations.  🙂

There’s one more change I noticed that’s taken place between 2008 and 2012.  I didn’t think it was possible, but I love photography even more now!  When I first started out, I used to be so nervous at the beginning of each session.  The kind of questions that would float through my mind were, “Will I be able to think of good poses on the spot?  Will I be able to find good lighting?  What is good lighting?  Do I actually deserve to charge people for this?”  But now, I mostly just feel excited about my sessions.  The thoughts that go through my mind have changed to, “Where is my good lighting, what poses are more flattering for my client and what fun things can we incorporate into the photos to show my creativity and their personality?” I have such an awesome job, and I actually get paid to do what I love to do!

Thank you to everyone that has been with me these last four years.  To everyone that has trusted me enough to take your photos.  To everyone that makes nice and encouraging comments on my Facebook photos (Cindy Stevens).  To everyone who has just been a supportive friend or mother or husband or dad.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I love you guys!


2 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. This is such a blessing to me, as you are one of my faves and someone who I believe is so incredibly talented as a photographer! And gives me hope, as I’m one year into having my nice camera. What camera did you start with and what is your favorite to shoot with now? I have a hard time charging people. My last session, which I offered to do free for a friend because she has blessed us so much, I got paid $260. I normally get $30-$45 for a session like that. I felt so ashamed and horrible and returned most of the money. I felt like my work wasn’t good enough for that and that they were crazy to give me that money. I still have a long way to go in the confidence arena of doing my sessions but I am very inspired by reading this post. Thanks for reminiscing for us! And I got a kick out of the Cindy Stevens remark! She is such an encouraging person! I’ve never even met her in person but I think she is my biggest fan too! =)

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