Bemidji Fashion Shoot

Reflectors are cool.  I bought one months ago but never got around to using it.  So, if reflectors=cool…me not using my reflector=not cool.  Follow?

I decided that I just needed to find time and a model so I could practice and get comfortable with it.  A few days after making this decision I had someone cancel a photo session with me.  I would have been sad, but I was kind of excited.  This meant that I had  an entire evening to play with my new reflector and to try out some new techniques.  All I had to do now was to find a model.  Lucky for me I have some of the most beautiful friends in the world!  And I even got one of them to model for me!  Thank you, Samantha, for your patience with me!  You were stunning, and I had so much fun.  Also thanks to my mom.  She did an amazing job holding my new reflector.  🙂

I really love the fill light in these photos.  I think this may be a style I start incorporating into more of my shoots.  Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


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