Newborn Photos in Albertville

I really enjoy newborn sessions.  Newborns are so sweet and pliable.  You can put them into any position and they’re comfortable.  I mean, anything has to be better than being squished in your mommy’s tummy for 9 months!  I usually do these sessions when the baby is 4-10 days old.  At such a young age they are still pretty sleepy and have that newborn look that seems to change overnight after the first couple weeks.

These photos were done for my friend Kristyn.  Kristyn and I went to Crown College together.  We were both in choir.  She was always such a fun and happy friend.  She even drove all the way up to Bemidji from the cities when I got married 7 years ago to sing at my wedding.  You would not believe the voice she has!  I don’t know many people that can sing like her, so I was so blessed she was willing to sing at my wedding!

Meet Avery Joy.  Kristyn’s new little princess.  Greeted into this world by two loving parents and an older sister who is a princess too.


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