Tanya and Jeremy’s Bemidji Wedding

I was so excited when Tanya and Jeremy chose me to be their wedding photographer.  They are the most adorable couple!  Tanya kept me up to date on fun wedding stuff.  I was stoked when she told me she found a red wedding cloak for her December wedding.  Just envisioning the red against the white snow made me anxious for winter to come.  Which, if you know me, is a pretty big deal.  I’m not the biggest fan of winter.

Well, the wedding day came, the red cloak came, but the snow forgot to show up.  I was pretty bummed about it, until I saw the bride.  She was stunning!  Nothing could take away from how gorgeous she was on her wedding day!  Why did I ever fret about not having snow when I had a bride as beautiful as Tanya?!  And with her and her handsome groom put together, I could do no wrong!

Their wedding reflected who they were.  Two people in love with Jesus.  Two people in love with each other.  Everyone there would agree that it was such a special day to be a part of!


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