The exciting news!

So, I posted on Facebook that something happend at a photo session I did Saturday night.  I posted that no one would believe.  Of course people felt it was their duty to guess.  Let’s just say it was a very unique collection of guesses.  It ranged from sasquatches to bats to outhouses to bears to proposals.

Well, I’m ready to reveal what happened.  I was doing a family session for the Marino’s and Norvolds.  We ended up at Diamond Point the last part of the session.  It had rained twice during the shoot, but everyone was determined to power through the pictures regardless of the weather.  When I only had a few minutes left I decided to take some shots of Zach with his lovely girlfriend, Celeste.  I won’t admit if this was predetermined.  😉  Well, for the rest of the story you just have to look through the photos!

This is Zach and his lovely girlfriend Celeste.

Told you she was lovely!

This is Zach's nephew carrying a beautiful bouquet of roses to them!

How sweet! They're for Celeste!

What's that box hidden in the roses?!


I think that's DEFINITELY a YES!!!

AND another YES!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, ZACH AND CELESTE!!!  I feel so honored to have been included in this romantic and intimate moment.  Zach, you were so creative and loving with how you put all the details together!  I pray blessings for you both as you start your new life together as man and wife!!!


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