Modeling Portfolio

This has to be one of the most fun sessions of the summer yet!  Ashlie is such a sweet and beautiful girl!  She expressed interest in modeling, and I expressed interest in doing a fun photo shoot!  Perfect fit!  All we needed was someone to do hair and makeup…someone who wasn’t afraid to do something crazy and wild.  That’s when I decided to contact Kaalene.  She had worked on my hair once, and I could tell she was a really fun and talented person. 

The three of us made a great team.  You should’ve seen us on the shoot.  We were all involved in trying to find cool spots, trying to figure out good poses, and trying to figure out funky outfits and hair.  It’s so fun to play dress up even when you’re a grown up!

I have to give kudos to Ashlie.  She had to leave for a missions trip to Haiti at 5:30 the next morning and hadn’t even packed yet.  She hung in there from 3-8:30 that day.  She then went to see the midnight showing of the new Pirates movie.  I would be really surprised if she got any sleep that night.  She is still in Haiti helping out with an orphanage right now.  I saw her mom in the store today (she was down there helping out for a while too).  It is amazing how the Lord used them all down there and is continuing to use them. 

Meet Kaalene! She is the brilliant hair stylist and makeup artist behind the pictures.

And this is Ashlie! So pretty!

Even dorks can have fun!

It was so fun getting artistic and unique shots!

This is Ashlie's baby.



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