Second day of twins!

What a fun week!  I had a twin newborn session on Wednesday and then a twin child session on Thursday! 

So, Thursday I throw on my white Purrington Photography shirt and jump into my car with my gear and a Coke.  I don’t usually drink soda, but I was feeling unusually drained this evening.  I take off a little early so I can scope out the place and the lighting.  On my way to the location I spilled the Coke on my shirt.  Yup, my white shirt.  Oh, yeah!  I’m that classy!  I debated going back and getting a different shirt, but I decided not to because of time.  I usually bring an extra shirt with me on my newborn shoots, but now I think I need to start bringing an extra shirt for ALL my shoots.  So, I spent the rest of my drive trying to figure out if I wanted to point it out at my shoot so I could expain that I don’t normally show up to sessions in stained shirts or if I wanted to just not mention it and maybe no one would notice.  I decided not to point it out.  Still don’t know if the family noticed.  Maybe we were all too busy chasing around their little 2 1/2 year olds to pay attention to anything else! 

These BEAUTIFUL little girls were all over the place.  Even though they are twins, one had brown eyes and the other had blue eyes.  The biggest accomplishment me and the parents had that evening was getting them to be by each other.  For some reason they were independent and wanting to do their own thing.  We were still able to capture some precious moments.  All these twin sessions make me want twins!  They are so fun! 


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