Our really good friends, Jackie and Jeff, live on a farm.  Their sheep have been having lambs for the last few weeks.  They were sweet enough to invite us out to see them. 

I brought along my mother and my little boy who is almost two.  My son is absolutely fascinated with animals.  Whenever we get close to a dog or a cat he will start to laugh and giggle.  It is SO sweet!  Unfortunately we aren’t able to have a pet.  My husband has bad allergies to dogs and cats, and I have bad allergies to cleaning up after them.  😉  We still like to take every opportunity for my little boy to see them, though. 

We got out to the farm, and I was wearing flip flops.  Yeah.  I’m not a farm girl.  I will make sure to bring boots next time.  Thankfully the pastures were dry.  We were able to run around and play with the lambs.  One of the lambs was born ten minutes before we arrived.  We watched it get up and walk for the first time.  It was such a miracle!


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